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You Are What You Like

Specific information about individual Facebook users can be gleaned by studying what they “like” on the popular social media website, according to a study by the University of Cambridge. Surprisingly enough, “liking” curly fries in an indicator of above average … Continue reading


Saving California’s film industry

This week, our clients at SCAG, the largest metropolitan planning organization in the United States, released a blockbuster study showing just how much California is hemorrhaging film-industry dollars and jobs. We got great coverage, including this piece in the Los … Continue reading


California drought ready for prime time

Our client, the Southern California Association of Governments, gathered water industry and policy leaders for this timely discussion on the California drought, recapped here by KCBS-TV.


Welcoming SCAG to the Network

The 20/20 Network is proud to announce our renewed relationship with the Southern California Association of Governments, the largest metropolitan planning organization in ┬áthe U.S. For the past 2 1/2 years, we’ve assisted SCAG with their media outreach, and have … Continue reading


Control the message

Forget for a moment the courage that Michael Sam is showing by announcing he is gay just months before the NFL draft. This post is about how smart Michael Sam is for controlling the message. For about the past decade, … Continue reading