City Hall

Cities and Municipalities

Municipalities face difficult challenges in doing more with less. Citizens expect a lot. We assist local governments in explaining to local residents how it all works. We help them get citizens involved. We translate the complex language of local government into words that make sense to citizens.

Planned Development

Getting their projects through local governing bodies to approval is a difficult and complex task for developers. We bridge the gap between the developer's desire and the city's taste. Our years of experience in messaging and in knowing the local decision-makers help your project get to approval.

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Educational Institutions

Public schools and universities hold a special place in our communities. While educating our youth, they are also held to the highest standards and scrutinized closely by the public and legislators. We work with administrators to tell the story beyond the ABCs.

Non Profits

Non-profits are the heart of our communities. Without them, we are a lesser place. The 20/20 Network enjoys work with not-for-profit institutions that help improve our lives. They have huge needs and limited budgets and we help them get a message to their communities.


Private Businesses

Call us when your business "needs to get the word out." The competitive landscape and a limited budget mean that your business needs to develop a very specific value proposition and deliver it to the right audience. We've worked with general contractors, insurance agencies, and law firms looking to grow their business.