• Strategic Communications

    Strategic Communications

    20/20 recognizes that the most effective communications and public outreach plans involve more than writing press releases. It’s a strategic…

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  • Media Relations

    Media Relations

    With more than three decades on news media experience, we have the connections and knowledge needed to get your message…

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  • Social Media Management

    Social Media Management

    Social media is an innovative and necessary tool to utilize if you're going to grow your brand and communicate your…

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  • Crisis Management

    Crisis Management

    The definition of a bad Monday morning is when you get to the office and a crew from “60 Minutes”…

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  • Video Production

    Video Production

    Our team of digital experts will help script, direct and edit promotional videos for your business. Above is a video…

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  • Networking


    Nothing beats face-to-face interaction with your target audience, but it can often be one of the more difficult tasks to…

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  • Brand Management

    Brand Management

    Your brand means everything about the way your customers engage with you. We help you establish a brand that will…

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  • Legal & Public Policy Work

    Legal & Public Policy Work

    20/20 partners are widely respected and sought out for their vast experience in public policy matters. Through public outreach, networking…

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