Ben Gallagher

Ben Gallagher is the 20/20 Network’s Social Media Director and has a passion for communication and technology. With social media constantly evolving, it is a job in itself to stay ahead of online communication trends, and it’s a job that Ben is happy to do.

Telling your story isn’t a passive or static act. The technology of storytelling is changing every day and you must adapt to it just as quickly to stay relevant in the digital world. Your story is a living thing and it needs to be treated as such. In Ben’s words “If you don’t keep telling your story, others are going to start telling it for you.”

Ben is a graduate member of California State University, Channel Islands’ inaugural class. There, he was the co-editor and co-founder of the Channel Islands View student newspaper. His experience with editorial writing and digital marketing has taken him from the editorial board of Powerboat Magazine to the marketing offices of California Lutheran University’s graduate and undergraduate programs.

Ben is highly experienced in niche marketing and interactive customer relations. From developing private social networks, to creating and distributing targeted email communication plans, his innovative outreach tactics will help you reach your audience through forums they trust with information they can rely on.

Ben can be reached by email at